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17 March 2012 @ 05:45 pm
It's been Awhile  
My friend, Nat died. I haven't been on because I've been mourning her.

I've recently got into the Tokyo Mew Mew fandom again, though. Ryou/Ichigo for the win. They had the best developed relationship in the series. Damn you Masaya! You asshole. T.T I'm gonna do some fanart for it I think. Just gonna copy a screencap then colour it. :)

Haven't really been up to much, sadly. I've been a bit sick with my depression.

I missed about a month of school. However, I managed to learn in an our what it took the class two weeks to learn, in calculus. Math, I less than three you.

I need to make some icons, too...

I'll write again soon. xoxo
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